Physiotherapy, manual therapy, rehabilitation and more in Amsterdam

Plexus Amsterdam is a physiotherapy practice that examines and treats pain and other physical complaints that restrict your posture or movements. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced physiotherapists and manual therapists pool their expertise to achieve the optimum result: relieving your complaint quickly and permanently.

We provide physiotherapy, manual therapy and rehabilitation after an accident, illness or surgery. We also work with disciplines related to physiotherapy, such as fitness training and Mensendieck exercise therapy. Plexus has several locations in Amsterdam (Zuid, Oud Zuid, Oost, Pijp, Buitenveldert and Centrum) and offers expertise, clear advice and personal attention. You can also come to us for corporate physiotherapy in Amsterdam.

Which complaints can Plexus Amsterdam treat?

Movement pain or other complaints?

Make an appointment at one of our practices to get advice and/or treatment.

Our practices in Amsterdam

Plexus - Saxen Weimarlaan
Willemspark - Oud Zuid
Saxen Weimarlaan 56
020 - 237 65 90
Plexus - Great
Museumkwartier - Oud Zuid
Ruysdaelstraat 88-90
020 - 662 13 07
Plexus - Spui
Binnenstad - Centrum
Spuistraat 239/1
020 - 673 71 68
Plexus - Fresh
De Pijp - Zuid
Tolstraat 57-59
020 - 673 71 66
Plexus - Buitenveldert
Buitenveldert - Zuid
Noordhollandstraat 59a
020 - 303 82 23
Plexus - Kensho
Czaar Peterbuurt - Oost
Czaar Peterstraat 20
020 - 303 82 22
All our physiotherapists and manual therapists are listed in the KNGF central quality register.