Medical Personal Training

As a medical professional, we also provide Medical Personal Training (MPT) at the Kensho and Fresh Fitness locations.

What does Medical Personal Training involve?

Medical Personal Training is an extension of our work as a medical professional. If you have completed your course of physiotherapy treatment and would like proper supervision in getting fit again, then Medical Personal Training is ideal for you.

Medical personal trainers

Do you have a recent or an old sports injury, intermittent back or joint complaints, or work-related complaints? Or are you just fed up with general aches and pains? Or maybe some obstacle is preventing you from doing movement, exercise or sport? MPT will guide you on the path to achieving the right goals.

 We, Ali and Imke, are specialised Medical Personal Trainers and are happy to work with you on your fitness and health.

 MPT is also a handy tool in preventive fitness training under medical supervision.

 Click here for a free intake appointment, or contact:

Imke de Graaf, (location  Plexus - Fresh) or 06-29403924

Ali Toplu, (location Plexus Kensho) or 06-55338991


The rate for MPT is € 70 per hour. You sign up for a series of 5 or 10 sessions, which ensures consistency in the appointments and in the commitment to achieving your goal(s).

Movement pain or other complaints?

Make an appointment at one of our practices to get advice and/or treatment.

Practices in Amsterdam

Plexus - Saxen Weimarlaan
Willemspark - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 71 03
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Plexus - Great
Museumkwartier - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 13 07
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Plexus - Spui
Spuistraat 239/1
020 - 673 71 68
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Plexus - Fresh
De Pijp - Zuid
020 - 673 71 66
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Plexus - Lutmastraat
De Pijp
020 - 237 65 99
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Plexus - Jordaan
020 - 303 82 22
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Plexus - Minerva
020 - 66 26 192
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All our physiotherapists and manual therapists are listed in the KNGF central quality register.