Check your supplementary healthcare insurance

Plexus Amsterdam has signed contracts with all the health insurers. If you have supplementary healthcare insurance, then physiotherapy and manual therapy are reimbursed. Before your first visit, check the conditions of your policy to see whether you are insured for treatment and for how many sessions.

If you have supplementary insurance, then we declare the treatment costs directly to your health insurer. If you do not have supplementary insurance or it does not cover the costs, or if you exceed the maximum number of treatment sessions covered, then we send you an invoice for the treatment sessions you have had.

Complaints on the ‘chronic list’

A few complaints appear on the ‘chronic list’. The treatment for these complaints is reimbursed by the basic health insurance from the 21st treatment session onwards. A personal excess is applicable to all costs that are reimbursed by the basic health insurance.

Treatment rates as of 1 January 2023

The rates below are applicable if you have no supplementary health insurance, or if it does not cover physiotherapy or manual therapy in Amsterdam.

Physiotherapy treatment session   € 39,50
Manual therapy treatment session      € 49,50
Intake   € 52,50
Surcharge for treatment at home   € 15,00
Report   € 65,00
One-off physiotherapy examination   € 58,00
Cost of no-show

Healthcare Insurance 

 Plexus has contracts with all the healthcare insurance companies in the Netherlands. The number of treatments covered depends on what type of supplementary insurance you have.

 Click on the logo of your insurance company for more information: 


Movement pain or other complaints?

Make an appointment at one of our practices to get advice and/or treatment.

Practices in Amsterdam

Plexus - Saxen Weimarlaan
Willemspark - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 71 03
Plexus - Great
Museumkwartier - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 13 07
Plexus - Spui
Binnenstad - Centrum
020 - 673 71 68
Plexus - Fresh
De Pijp - Zuid
020 - 673 71 66
Plexus - Lutmastraat
De Pijp
020 - 237 65 99
Plexus - Kensho
Czaar Peterbuurt - Oost
020 - 303 82 22
Plexus Minerva
Olympiaplein 99 - Zuid
020 - 66 26 192
All our physiotherapists and manual therapists are listed in the KNGF central quality register.