Expertise, clarity and personal attention

Following the intake, we examine you to find the cause of your complaints. On the basis of the cause and your requirements, we find the best possible solution for you. We like clear communication and come straight to the point.

No referral needed

Physiotherapy and manual therapy are directly accessible. This means you do not need a referral from your doctor or specialist to make an appointment with us. During your first visit, one of our therapists will screen you in order to decide whether there is an indication for physiotherapy or whether it would be better to consult your doctor or specialist.

Your first visit: the intake

You will talk to one of our therapists, who will ask you questions to gain insight into how your complaints came about and how they are affecting you. This is followed by a physical examination, which looks at whether any other factors play a role in the complaint. If we determine the cause and it comes within our professional field, you will receive an indication of the treatment plan and the expected recovery time. If there are any uncertainties, we promptly evaluate the effect of our treatment. If your complaints fall outside the scope of our professional field, we will refer you to the relevant specialist.

Movement pain or other complaints?

Make an appointment at one of our practices to get advice and/or treatment.

Practices in Amsterdam

Plexus - Saxen Weimarlaan
Willemspark - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 71 03
Plexus - Great
Museumkwartier - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 13 07
Plexus - Spui
Binnenstad - Centrum
020 - 673 71 68
Plexus - Fresh
De Pijp - Zuid
020 - 673 71 66
Plexus - Lutmastraat
De Pijp
020 - 237 65 99
Plexus - Kensho
Czaar Peterbuurt - Oost
020 - 303 82 22
Plexus - Minerva
Olympiaplein 99 - Zuid
020 - 66 26 192
All our physiotherapists and manual therapists are listed in the KNGF central quality register.