House rules Plexus Amsterdam

  1. Registration - When you register, you will be asked for your contact details (name, address and telephone number), your insurance details and - if applicable - the referral note from your doctor or specialist. We are obliged to include your Citizen Service Number (BSN) in our administration.
  2. First visit - You are requested to bring your current insurance pass and ID (ID card, driving licence or passport) to your first visit.
  3. First treatment session - An examination will take place at the first treatment session. The results of this examination form the basis for drawing up a treatment plan. The type of therapy and the expected number of treatments will be discussed with you.
  4. Cancel in time - If you cannot make an appointment, you should cancel it - if possible - 24 hours before the agreed time of the session. Otherwise, we will be obliged to charge you for the cost of the treatment session.
  5. Parking - When parking your car, bike or other form of transport, please be aware that it must not get in anyone’s way.
  6. Consideration for others - Plexus Amsterdam appreciates you giving up your seat for someone who is less able to stand.
  7. Valuables - Do not leave any valuables in the waiting room (e.g. on the coat stand). Plexus Amsterdam is not responsible for the theft of property from its premises.
  8. Reading material in the waiting room - If you use the reading material provided, please put it back when you leave the waiting room.
  9. No smoking or eating - Smoking or eating in the practice is prohibited.
  10. Emergencies - In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions of the staff or the authorised personnel.
  11. Hygiene - You are requested to bring your own towel for training and treatment sessions. For training sessions, wear comfortable clothing, preferably sportswear and clean sports shoes. We expect you to observe the hygiene rules and ensure good personal hygiene.
  12. Pets - It is not permitted to bring pets into the practice, with the exception of animals needed to assist with a handicap.
  13. Reimbursement - If you have supplementary health insurance, then physiotherapy and manual therapy are reimbursed. Before your first visit, check your policy conditions to see whether you are insured for treatment and for how many sessions. Only in the case of a chronic indication (according to the ‘chronic list’) is physiotherapy reimbursed by the basic health insurance, from the 21st session onwards. Plexus Amsterdam is not responsible for the reimbursement.
  14. Complaints procedure - If you are dissatisfied or have a complaint about your therapist and his/her treatment, or a complaint about another member of staff, please report this to one of the members of the Plexus Amsterdam partnership. Your complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the guidelines of the KNGF.

Movement pain or other complaints?

Make an appointment at one of our practices to get advice and/or treatment.

Practices in Amsterdam

Plexus - Saxen Weimarlaan
Willemspark - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 71 03
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Plexus - Museumkwartier
Museumkwartier - Oud Zuid
020 - 662 13 07
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Plexus - Spui
Spuistraat 239/1
020 - 673 71 68
More info
Plexus - Fresh
De Pijp - Zuid
020 - 673 71 66
More info
Plexus - Lutmastraat
De Pijp
020 - 237 65 99
More info
Plexus - Jordaan
020 - 303 82 22
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Plexus - Minerva
020 - 66 26 192
More info
All our physiotherapists and manual therapists are listed in the KNGF central quality register.