Dry needling relaxes muscles immediately

Dry needling is a treatment method sometimes used by our physiotherapists to relieve muscle pain, often in the case of chronic muscular disorders. The physiotherapist inserts an acupuncture needle into muscle knots (trigger points), which relaxes the muscle within 1 or 2 days. The effect is accounted for by physiological and biochemical processes in the body. Dry needling therapy is not the same as physiotherapy or acupuncture. We would like to outline the benefits of this method. 

Frequent causes of muscle knots:

  • prolonged incorrect movement or posture
  • muscle strain during sports
  • prolonged immobility, due to plaster cast, for example
  • psychological factors, such as stress and fatigue

Complaints that can arise from muscle knots:

  • localised pain in the muscle, with or without radicular pain
  • reduced muscle power
  • restricted mobility and/or stiffness
  • moving differently in order to avoid pain (pain-avoidance behaviour)
  • complaints such as headache and lower back pain  

What is the dry needling procedure?

Dry needling therapy focuses mainly on muscles that cause pain through prolonged tension. Using a special technique, the physiotherapist inserts a thin acupuncture needle briefly into the trigger points. The insertion of the needle is barely noticeable, but it provokes a twitch response from the muscle, which you may find uncomfortable. The therapist will test your response in the first treatment session. You might feel warm, perspire more or feel tired, and your complaint may get worse on the treatment day itself. You are often advised to stretch your muscles well and do a lot of movement on the day after the treatment.

Movement pain or other complaints?

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