Orofacial physiotherapy

The orofacial physiotherapist is an expert who can advise and guide you regarding any health problems associated with malfunctioning of muscles and joints in the head, neck and chewing system. An orofacial physiotherapist is specialized in dental aspects, specific nerve disorders, cancer in the head/neck area and other specific disorders related to the head and neck.

One in five to six people suffer from jaw complaints, for example, a cracking jaw joint or pain while chewing. Of the people with such complaints, four in five also suffer from headaches. An orofacial physiotherapist cannot always solve the headaches in 100% of cases but can certainly reduce some of the complaints. By treating the jaw, for example, the therapist can reduce the number and frequency of migraine attacks.

Common complaints for the Orofacial Physiotherapy:

  • Jaw complaints
  • Clenching of the jaw and grinding teeth
  • Pain in the face, jaw, or head
  • Facial paralysis
  • Dizziness
  • Neck and shoulder complaints
  • Headache complaints
  • Tinnitus/earache
  • Cancer in the head and neck area
  • Consequences of accidents and bone fractures, cancer, rheumatism, and other diseases with complaints in the head and neck area
  • Complaints in the head and neck area that are related to tension
  • Migraine

How does an orofacial physiotherapist help patients?

The orofacial physiotherapist will explain the functioning of the head and neck area and give you advice on how to use your chewing system correctly. The orofacial physiotherapist will teach you what you can do yourself to reduce and prevent complaints and also help you unlearn certain habits that may lead to overload of the chewing system or other health problems. The treatment often consists of a combination of advice, exercise and massage or manipulation to reduce the pain/complaint. The orofacial physiotherapist works closely with other specialists such as the general practitioner, dentist, orthodontist, ENT specialist, oral surgeon or neurologist.

Jasper Mulder is our orofacial physiotherapist in Plexus Amsterdam and works at the Plexus Fresh location.
You can make an appointment for an intake via the appointment page. The first intake lasts one hour and if you have additional insurance the costs will be covered by your health insurance.

If you have any further questions, you can contact Jasper via 020-3038212 or mail jasper@plexusamsterdam.nl.

Movement pain or other complaints?

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